Custom Hinged Mental Drainage Ditch Covers , Reliable Galvanized Trench Grating

Custom Hinged Metal trench Drains And Grates For Driveway Road Roll Over Kerb



Drainage cover grate is steel lattice panels formed with simple lines, secured with hinged lid and connection. Ideal replacement drainage covers for conventional cast iron materials. Suitable for light type and large span heavy loading environment.


Types of Simple  Metal drainage cover grate:

There are two kinds of steel gratings distinguished by different bearing bar types, The respective of features are as follows:

1. Plain: the most widely used gratings, available for flooring sidewalk, all kinds of ditch cover, stair tread, etc.

2. Serrated: best non-skid property & safety compared with plain grating.


Production Flow:

The production flow of Metal drainage cover grate is illustrated in the following table .


 Metal drainage cover grate
 1-Raw material  Cross bar / Bearing bar
 2-Welding  Pressure Welding
 3-Cutting  Cut to target size
 4-Banding  Edge Banding
 5-Surface treatment  Hot Dipped Galvanized
 6-Packing  Packing according to customer's requirement



Advance enquipment:


This is the introduction of some advanced equipment.
1. Robot Welding
This welding method has high speed, high yield and good quality of welded products.
2. Pressure Welding
The four production lines have higher production every month .The production is very large .

Our company has advanced equipment to meet the needs of Welded Steel Bar Grating, so the quality of our products is excellent .
Let's introduce our production line.
Beltline:* 2 lines of steel grating production facilities (1500 tons monthly producion capacity)
* 1 line of galvanizing facilities for grating (2,500 tons monthly production capacity)


Product uses 


Metal​ drainage cover grate is widely used in sewage treatment system in urban roads, squares, gardens, docks, airports, parking lots, roads, railways, industrial engineering and other types of industrial buildings.with ventilated and pervious to light, slip resistance, strong bearing capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, easy to install and so on.


Box grateis a type of drainage trench cover with galvanized frame. The frame make it easy to install the box grating onto ground. There are hinges connecting the grate and frame.




1. Extended life from hot dip galvanising.

2. Pedestrian safety.

3. Secure anchoring of frame in concrete from out turned frame angles and "D" formed steel rod anchors.

4. Safe installation arising from low frame and grate weights.

5. Safe opening and closing due to low grate weights and the availability of grate hinging.




 Metal Drainage Cover Grate
 Item  Clear Opening(mm)  Grate Size(mm)  Grate Depth(mm)  Flame Size(mm)
 BG-01  250×250  300×300  25  30×30×3
 BG-02  300×300  350×350  25  30×30×5
 BG-03  300×300  365×365  32  40×40×5
 BG-04  450×450  500×445  25  30×30×5
 BG-05  450×450  525×445  40  45×45×5
 BG-06  600×600  650×595  25  30×30×5
 BG-07  600×600  695×595  50  55×55×5
 BG-08  750×750  845×745  50  55×55×5
 BG-09  900×600  895×650  25  30×30×5
 BG-10  900×600  895×695  50  55×55×5
 BG-11  900×900  895×995  50  55×55×5
 BG-12  900×900  895×980  75  85×75×6


Custom Hinged Mental Drainage Ditch Covers , Reliable Galvanized Trench Grating


Galvanised Drainage Grates

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