Composite Light Welded Steel Bar Grating 30 / 40 / 60mm Bearing Bar Pitch


Hot Dip Galvanised Composite Light Steel Bar Grating Panel Plate With Clips
Welded Steel Bar Grating comprises of a series of parallel, flat, load bearing bars at equal spacing. These are held upright by 6mm twisted-square transverse bars that are resistance welded into the top surface.



Welded steel bar grating is resistance welded to create a rugged, one-piece constructed panel. The bearing bars are automatically resistance welded at the contact point with the cross bars and, under a combination of high heat and pressure, are fused together to form a permanent joint. The cross bars provide a high degree of rigidity, yet retain a smooth flat surface for free and easy walking.

This is the introduction of some advanced equipment.
1. Robot Welding
This welding method has high speed, high yield and good quality of welded products.
2. Pressure Welding
The four production lines have higher production every month .The production is very large .
Our company has advanced equipment to meet the needs of Welded Steel Bar Grating, so the quality of our products is excellent .
Let's introduce our production line.
Beltline:* 2 lines of steel grating production facilities (1500 tons monthly producion capacity)
            * 1 line of galvanizing facilities for grating (2,500 tons monthly production capacity)



 Welded Steel Bar Grating

 1. Falt Pitch (mm)

 15,22,25,30,32.5,34,40,50,60,80,90,etc.,recommended  25,30,34,40.

 2. Bars Spacing (mm)

 From 24-200 arbitrarily chosen, recommended 50,76,100.

 3. Common Type

 G605 G325 G405 G355 G455

 4. Cross Bar

 6 / 8 / 10mm

 5. Flat Steel Thickness

 2-8,recommended 3,4,5

 6. Surface Treatment

 Hot-dip galvanized

Type of the welded steel grating


1. Plain: one of the most widely used gratings, available for flooring, sidewalk, drainage pit cover, stair tread, etc.

2. Serrated: Better non-skid property & safety compared with plain grating.

3. I-shape: lighter, more economical and practical comparing with plain grating.


Production Flow:
The production flow of Welded Steel Bar Grating is illustrated in the following table .

 Welded Steel Bar Grating

 1-Raw material

 Cross bar / Bearing bar


 Pressure Welding


 Cut to target size


 Edge Banding

 5-Surface treatment

 Hot Dipped Galvanized


 Packing according to customer's requirement

Composite Light Welded Steel Bar Grating 30 / 40 / 60mm Bearing Bar Pitch 

Product Uses

Welded Steel Bar grating is widely used in flooring, catwalk, mezzanine,decking, stair tread, fencing, ramp, dock, trench cover, drainage pit cover, maintenance platform, wash rack, ventilation screen, storage rack, suspended ceiling, window and machinery safe guards, factory, workshop, motor rooms, trolley channel, heavy loading area, boiler equipment and heavy equipment area.


Welded Steel Bar Grating

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