Light Square Welded Steel Grating Sheet Good Lateral Stiffness Acid Resistance

Industrial Galvanized Light Steel Metal Iron Welded Floor Square Grate Sheet
With Press-Locked Steel Bar Grating the cross bars and bearing bars are notched and pressed together through a high pressure manufacturing process. 
Press-Locked Steel Bar Grating is often desirable because of its clean, smooth look and excellent lateral support. It exhibits the same strength, long life and openness as welded grating.Press-locked bar grating features a system of interlocking perpendicular bars that offer the same degree of strength, durability and openness as welded bar grating. Permanent locking is achieved by forcing the deep cross bar into the notched bearing bar.

Classification of press-locked grating 

Press-locked grating has main four types because they have different bearing bars and cross bars.

1.  Full-locked grating. Both the bearing bars and cross bars are notched and have the same height. They are interlocked with one another under extreme pressure.
2.  Heavy-duty pressed grating. Both the bearing bar and cross bar are notched, but they have the different heights. The bearing bars are higher than the cross bars and they are interlocked with each other also at a high pressure.
3.  Press-locked grating. Only the bearing bars are notched and the cross bars are common plain steel. They have different height and are locked with each other at a very high pressure.
4.  Louver grating. The notches of bearing bars are at a angle of 30° or 45°. The cross bars are insert into the bearing bars before being pressed. This type is widely used in the places where the privacy is very important. It can also be used as sunshade of the buildings.

 Press-Locked Steel Bar Grating

 1. Falt Pitch (mm)

 15,22,25,30,32.5,34,40,50,60,80,90,etc.,recommended 25,30,34,40.

 2. Bars Spacing (mm)

 From 24-200 arbitrarily chosen, recommended 50,76,100.

 3. Common Type

 G605 G325 G405 G355 G455

 4. Cross Bar

 6 / 8 / 10mm

 5. Flat Steel Thickness

 2-8,recommended 3,4,5

 6. Surface Treatment

 Hot-dip galvanized

Production Flow:

The production flow of Press-Locked Steel Bar Garting is illustrated in the following table .
1.  Stair treads
2.  Security screens in commercial buildings
3.  Municipal engineering as tree covers, trench covers and drainage covers
4.  Platforms
5.  Walkways in industrial factories or parks
6.  Modular mezzanine structures
7.  Bridges for vehicles and pedestrians
8.  Marine industries as working platform
1.  Smooth surface.
2.  Good air, light and water circulation.
3.  Firm and durable.
4.  Temporary or permanent applications.
5.  Stainless steel press-locked grating for alkali and acid resistance.
6.  Aluminum press-locked grating for light weight and corrosion resistance.
7.  Painted or galvanized surface treatment for longer service life.
8.  Excellent lateral stiffness.
9.  Serrated surface for anti-skid performance.
10. Press-locked grating can be used combined with checker plate for further skip resistance.

Light Square Welded Steel Grating Sheet Good Lateral Stiffness Acid Resistance


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